Painted Glass Disc Necklace

 I had been hoarding these glass disc - shaped beads for some time.. had an idea of incorporating them in a really eye-catching triple strand design...

Just last month, though, my daughter started  glass painting, and that is what gave me the idea.

The plain glass discs with gold rim , would actually look great if painted on... !!

So when we had an invite to a wedding, I thought it would be apt to make it as a gift for the bride- to - be.

I painted nearly identical pairs of floral motifs - each pair was different, with a single one for the center piece.

 I added pink and mauve and fronds of green, as I had complimenting mauve crystals and light green seed beads.

Then linked the beads with wire work. Added dangles to the center bead with yet more copper wire.

All the motifs are hand painted.


  1. Wow ,What a fantastic necklace . The bride I`m sure would have loved this gift . And your idea of painting on glass disc beads is absolutely awesome !!!! I love it :)

  2. It came out beautifully! What kind of paint did you use and how did you seal it to keep it from flaking or chipping off?

    1. Thank you... :) I used acrylic paints since they can be pretty much used on most surfaces... I did roughen up the bead surface a bit, and set them with acrylic varnish that comes in spray form..


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