Blue Lampwork Necklace.

I picked the string of lampwork beads a couple of years ago..but never got round to making anything with them. They just caught my eye and there was only one string.. something I am usually glad about,. Unless I have a multi-strand necklace in mind, I like to find items that are rare, that I can work into my own designs. 
But I have to say that crystals are irresistible to me, even if they are found in abundance... but even in the case of crystals, I have managed to find a few different ones like an chocolatey - opaque brown and a mint-green shade of crystal..I used both of them and I have to say that 3 years past, I have not managed to find duplicates of those !! Can't tell if I am sad or glad about that ! 

Anyway, I finally decided to make a necklace with the lovely lampwork beads that remind me of candy. They are fairly heavy, so I added only monalisa beads and seed beads with them. . I have kept a couple of the beads to make into earrings if a client so desires. Just makes me happy to make really unique designs. That is exactly why I love to incorporate my hand made cold porcelain pieces in my jewelry. ... .


  1. Beautiful design very much in keeping with the elegant monochromatic trend that is popular right now, Swapna :)

  2. Very pretty and unique beads. I love what you did with them.

  3. Thanks for that, Monique.. :) I did wonder whether I should introduce a contrasting would have been too tame.. then I decided to just lift those lamp work beads with the color accents ...

  4. Beautiful necklace . The blue lampwork beads remind me of the ocean and the blue skies.


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