Two Birds on Wire !

My daughter's 'bestest' friend, our neighbor's relative has come for her vacation from Kerala. So I decided to mark the event by making them matching necklaces . Both of them are fans of pink, but recently decided to add a few more colors like purple, yellow and orange to their choices. Since I had exhausted all the shades of pink on my daughter, this was a welcome turn ..!

SO I first made miniature birds out of cold porcelain .. cute was the aim .. so here they are ..

Handmade Cold Porcelain Miniatures

They are really tiny! I did not want to add eye pins directly on the birds, and so made cages by hand-coiling some wire,gluing the birds on, and hooking those on to the necklaces..... 

Though the birds are the same color, I went for contrast with the necklaces. Yellow Monalisa beads and orange seed beads for one , and yellow seed beads and orange Monalisa for the other..

Cold Porcelain Miniatures

Now if I could get the two bestest friends to pose for me , sporting their "birdy" jewelry, it would be great ..!

One question ..would you be interested in the step by step tutorials for the birds?


  1. So cute ! The kids must be thrilled with this creation , and I`m sure it will be their prized possession .

    1. Thanks, Pallavi.. they were happy they had matching necklaces :) .


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