Channeling Subtle with Oomph...

This is a design, similar to another I had made, with glass tubes and light blue crystals. When I was requested, by a loving husband, to make a surprise anniversary gift for his wife, I decided to re-design it to perfectly match the person it was meant for..

She loves delicate things, and has a style that is a quiet, with a lot of panache.. not a very easy thing to do..

So I went for tiny, silver tube beads instead of the glass tubes that were about thrice as long.. The colour of the beads were a big draw , so I decided to go for similar crystals, though these are a darker hue. While the earlier design had the blue crystals fully, I decided to go for transparent crystals half way past, since it would actually give more depth to the double strands of blue...

Also she prefers very delicate ear hangings, so I made it the way she prefers.. Now wishing the sweet couple a Very Happy Anniversary and years of togetherness.. Orders like these really are very exciting ... so very personal.

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  1. Just beautiful! I'm starting to make more jewelry for my upcoming craft shows. You and I make similar designs.

    1. Thanks, Jo..looking forward to seeing your designs too..