Inspiring Artist : Sue Heaser

I am sure that anyone who has attempted to work on Polymer Clay, and sought out some books on it, has come across Sue Heaser's name. I guess her most popular book would be Polymer Clay techniques, and I am the proud owner of a copy .. !

She is based in Suffolk, and has written over 30 books on crafting, including other books on clay, Metal Clay, miniatures,and sculpting..

She has also written a Novel called Avocado Lodge, which I really enjoyed..

She founded the British Polymer Clay Guild with fellow artists...
 Personally, having connected with her via Facebook, I have found her a very friendly and approachable person... and I love her simple way of instructions . Easy to follow for any beginner. The technique of mimicing  Pietra Dura was very inspiring to me..

It is not such a surprise that she has conducted workshop in different parts of the world, like Taiwan, Japan, USA,France and Italy...

Check out some of her work... it's fabulous.. !


  1. Polymer clay, and like-material, artists amaze me. I tried working with it years ago when fimo first came out in the late 80s and I didn't do well at all! It takes a lot of skill, esp. to make those amazing canes.

    1. Canes are an area I have not explored at all.. that takes a lot of patience.. !


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