Orange Tear-drop and Silver Wire Necklace..

I had bought some lovely orange teardrop beads with a pearly sheen . Orange and Gold are a nice combination and almost a classic one.. But I decided to go the other way , and pair orange with silver.

The swirls are asymmetric and he process is almost were a pleasure to make.. as hypnotic as drawing Zentangles.. !

Usually, I work out a design earlier, and then more or less, follow it as nearly as possible. But in this case, I decided to just go where it led, and just worked on, letting the design evolve.

The links were like 'S' hooks and seemed to compliment the swirls well. As I went further up, the 'S' hooks slightly decreased in size. The closure was done with a simple 'u' hook..

I found the asymmetric look very pleasing and delicate. What do you think?


  1. I like it a lot. It's funny but I never buy oranges and yellows. I don't have many beads in those shades at all. Blue & purple on the other hand.....

    1. I rarely buy yellows..but I do pick up rare shades of orange.. I love teh earthy burnt orange shade a lot... :)


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