Technology Woes !

My poor Toshiba laptop was on it's last legs the past few weeks.. A nearly full C drive, is where it all started . I am not all that tech savvy, though I persevere and try to make sense of the amazing amount of information that is available online. Usually, a hitch is solved painstakingly going through a lot of tutorials .

This time though deleting every file in sight, and then some, clearing the recycling bin, nothing seems to work..and everything seems to slow down.

Once I made up my mind to get a new laptop, though, the final deletion seemed to work some.. but anyway decided to go ahead and get a new one.. after 7 years , and still with Windows vista on it, it worked like a champ.. ! or maybe I do not have very high demands..anyway, we made a good team !! am sorry to see it go..

Got a new Acer Laptop, with Windows 8.1 and I cannot believe the difference.. ! I just hope that this one also works well for me.. I am not one for the latest technology and speed..but more about fit and feel..wrong thing to say in this era, I guess..but I am happy to plod along at my pace, given there are the few things that I need, to keep editing and posting pics, and a few creative things besides..

It has been a few vexing days, unable to load any pictures or keeping the internet on, as it was getting disconnected every couple of minutes...

The last picture I edited on my Toshiba laptop was for my Facebook page, as a Cover photo..

It is a fairy on her tiny flower, a la Thumbelina .. I have set it on a finger ring frame, and gifted to my daughter. All her favourite colours, pink, yellow and purple.


  1. Wow I totally could've written this exact same post! I, too, have a Toshiba Satellite laptop that I got in 2008 with Vista. It's also kind of limping along. I got an external hard drive for all my pictures, although I do keep some on this hard drive (copies of what's on the external so I still have a back up). Yet my hard drive is still almost completely full and I can't figure out why! I'm in the market for a new lappy very soon. My husband has an Acer but I was thinking of going the Toshiba route again as it's been very reliable. I'm hoping I make some more money at my next craft fair to defray the cost....I made about $290 at my show this past weekend.

    1. I too think like you and wanted another Toshiba..but sadly , atleast in India, Toshiba laptops are no longer available.. the next best thing would be Acer, is what they say.. I am happy with the laptop so far... Windows 8 is very different but user friendly .. touchwood, it continues :)

  2. This ring is Sooooooper. Your little darling must be feeling on top of this world flaunting her latest treasure ! You have made her fairy tale love into a reality , Wow!!!!

    1. Thank you, Palak.. I got as much pleasure making it as my daughter did, receiving it.. ! A bit of fantasy made real..what could be more rewarding than that? :)


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