5 -strand Wire Woven Bracelet - Tutorial Link

This is from a video tutorial that I saw long ago, when I was just getting hooked on to wire work.

I have not been able to find that specific video, but since I was in the habit of writing down elaborate directions, and keeping notes , AND, because I am better at wire work than I used to be, I could follow them and make this bracelet.

This bracelet was done with a 20 gauge wire in Silver color, and studded with purple crystals. It is an open design, in a cuff style and with my favorite - swirl designs at the ends.

And now it is going to Shalini Chandak, who won it in a Give away I decided to, at the spur of the moment... All those who liked the bracelet on my page on FB, and those who had commented on it. I was please that I had about 31 new likes on my page this week, which is quite unusual, and just wanted to bring joy to someone else, in turn. !

If I chance upon the original  video link, I will be sure to post it here. Maybe I'd try an 18 gauge wire the
next time .

The original video I had seen,was different, with the 5 strand weave demo in copper wire, with a chain link to finish.. I learnt the weave from that, but ,I  finished the ends the same way ,as in the tutorial linked below, so I have decided to go ahead and link this one...

This one was done by Jocelyn D. - making a 5-strand Celtic weave bracelet. The link is HERE. It comes in two parts...And the link to the second part , is HERE

And for people who mastered the 5-strand weave, here is the link of a ring, which is given on Pandahall . A simple 5-strand woven ring .


  1. It's gorgeous! I am a total fail at wirework! I didn't know you had a FB page; I just liked it. :)

    1. Thanks, Jo.. I love wirework..but you do so many pretty things .. and thanks for liking my page

  2. Loved the bracelet !
    I think the link is

    1. Got it, Palak.. After I did the post, I searched again and found it.. it came when i searched wire woven bracelet :) thanks ..


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