A Few Designs For Men - Rudraksha

It all started with a friend's request - he asked me to make a chain and bracelet out of Rudraksha beads. It was make to exact specifications, and he wanted me to show case the Rudraksha bead without too many metallic findings in between.

After that , I just tried out another bracelet with heavy German silver findings and my brother liked it a lot. So I gifted it to the brand new " dad". I have an adorable new nephew .

Currently, I have orders for one more necklace and bracelet, again for Rudraksha beads. I hope to make them slightly different from these.. And I guess I would better come up with some more designs for men, that does not feature the Rudraksha... ! I could use some inspiration though ..the men in my family, and especially my husband, are not into too many adornments. 


  1. Mine doesn't even wear his wedding ring. lol Of course in his defense he's a truck driver and any adornments could get caught on something or lost. My dad was a plumber and his wedding ring got hooked on a hot water heater part, he lost his grip on it and was unable to pull his hand away before it got pinned to the wall by the heavy heater. His ring was bent to bits. He never wore it again.

    1. True... Mine says, his finger felt very heavy when he wore the ring :P !! He removed it in a couple of days ..


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