Pink With Bling ....

Cold Porcelain
This is the last miniature I did in 2014. The little piggy is made of Cold Porcelain, and hand sculpted.

She stands 1.5 inches tall, including the eye pin .

It was a gift for my sister, who loves her accessories. So miss piggy is sporting some bling around her neck and arms. I made her a matching set of bracelet and necklace, studded with stones. Blue pre-tinted CP was arranged around her wrist and neck.

Then the ornaments were given texture with a sculpting tool, after measuring the spaces to embed the stones.

Finally, an rubbing of bronze powder was also given to give a rich look to the set.

A purse was hand molded and added to her hand. I think she looks smart :) and finally I attached her to a key chain . :)


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