Practically Creative !!

Being creative and having to be practical, are like oil and water .. they do not mix - or do so, only with some detergents ...errr....determination !!

While I would like nothing better than to just wallow and work on things creative, I find it gives me a sense of contentment to put my family first and arrange my creativity around them ... of course..there are a few meal times I wish someone else would fix ..or some school work with my daughter and certain daily chores, that I would gladly consign to oblivion !!

Things that help me from totally losing my Muse :(they do appear at inopportune times!!)or when it seems like it has done a vanishing act ...!

I am listing the things that work for me... by all means, please do tailor these to your own needs or personality..

Scribble/ doodle, - a mutation of both also helps.. keep a note of the ideas before they go poof ..

The best thing about this, is that it does NOT have to be pretty...just make sure that you can read you own scribbles later !! If  you cannot read what you wrote in a hurry, or cannot exactly understand where you are going with the idea , then you could have just crossed your arms and ignored the 'eureka' moment !!! 
    My idea in the flesh !! 

When the word and ideas flow, write all the posts and schedule them for posting.
Once my work gets interrupted, the flow of writing may appear forced.. it is possible that people reading my posts do not discern the difference, but I can !! So when I feel inspired, and I have the time, I write multiple posts and schedule them. It helps that I have already scribbled out ideas for the posts previously, or it could be about a new item that I have made..etc..

There are many tutorials on how to schedule a post.. and even without a tutorial, it is pretty easy to figure out. Anyway, HERE is the link to one of the HOW TO posts for a blogger blog. 

Get up early when the household is asleep - sometimes an hour of peace can take care of what you cannot do in a whole day !!
A mug of coffee and some birdsong, barking dogs, construction and traffic noises :P ... serenity is mine !! It is my favorite part of the day.. Somehow for me, the late night quiet does not feel the same... You can choose your favorite part of the day... 

Go through the work of inspiring artists... it helps to just feast your eyes on wonderful achievements - aim high !!
This is the easiest part... Google your favorite artist and nothing is easier.. or you can discover more brilliant artists while you are at it - there are so many more ways..Pinterest, Facebook pages.  (hehe)...I sigh a bit, and then scurry about to do some work, trying hard not to think of the light years it would take me to reach that level of perfection !! 

Sometimes shutting off  completely and doing something else can get you all eager to get back to creative pursuits..
I had bought the entire series of Peter Rabbit books by Beatrix Potter for our daughter. So I took a break and read the whole set . The brilliant art work by Potter, inspired me to create one of my most favorite Cold Porcelain creations...

 So being a book worm leads too good things.. That is my story ..and I am sticking to it !!

Keep brushing up skills by doodling, practicing brush strokes, pen strokes for calligraphy etc.. they don't take a lot of time or an elaborate set up...

Sometimes, even a few minutes can give you some creative satisfaction even it may not be fit to be presented.. . It is still better than nothing. 

Learning new skills always makes you more updated or improves the quality of your work..

I took a basic course in Calligraphy in December, and have been trying out the strokes.. so far I have not worked on a complete piece, but this happened while I was trying out my new Parker calligraphy pen set... It is fun !!

Read some words/ quotes of wisdom, it may help put things in perspective...

I have met a few people who seem like the epitome of 'cliches to creativity'..very moody..wildly fun or distant ... I seem to have a fairly even temperament.. but I do have bouts of shyness and self doubt that can keep me from going on... so words like these help...  
So this is it... the main thing is not to give up... or deny any part of you that is creative.. I also feel grateful for every sweet moment and close shaves I have had in my life...


  1. My muse has left too and all I feel like doing these days is cross stitching, which is fine too because I have a lot of kits to work on. I do love the early morning too....most of the time I'm alone anyway but if I get up on weekends b/f the hubby I can enjoy my coffee and quiet b/f he turns on the TV. He's a television addict.


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