Relocation !! Creating While Packing Up..

A sudden decision has landed us in Kerala... We were looking out for a new school for our daughter and an impulsive, and heartfelt invite from my mom, made us go for a just as impulsive acceptance. !!

So here we are , a bare 3 weeks into that phone call , in another state, trying for my daughter's admissions in my own alumnus. I have left behind the comfort of my well organized work place, and recently renovated home .

My husband will be shuttling between two states for some time till his work situation gets settled...most of our stuff is still in the suitcases, and that is , not even a quarter of my art and jewelry supplies which I had to leave back, for the time being!

Despite all that, I believe , this step comes at the right time.. It was like being carried over on a tide..still wondering how all this came about ..

But seeing our daughter's happy face, it sits right. Just settling in to the rhythm of a place that I had left more than a decade and half ago.. not exactly the same in many ways, and yet, feels like nothing has changed over much...

Handmade Jewelry

Till I settle and find the makings of a make-shift studio, I will have to post a few of the work that I had done just before the shift. This pair of earrings 'happened'just as I was packing up some of my beads and organizing my work space... !!

I had to pull out my pliers and cutter and make them soon. Just clicked the pic on my phone camera ..Some lovely matte- Gold shaded beads and German silver findings.

I love this shade of Gold with silver..both sterling and the heavy black-metal type seem to go with it.

I am trying to get organized as soon as possible.. meanwhile keeping busy trying out calligraphy.. and also working to spruce up my website during the spare moments.. It leaves a lot to be desired, not the least of which is the frequency of my posts ... !!


  1. Wow! Big changes! Good luck with the new routine and I hope you get your craft stuff moved and unpacked soon.

    1. Thank you so much Jo, feeling displaced still... but sorting things out little by little..


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