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Introducing 'Snippets' on Swardaa..this will be a bit of information on history, oft used terms, methods, etc.

Sculpture is the three - dimensional expression of visual art. the term wire sculpture encompasses not just the creation of sculptures, using wire as the predominant medium, but also the forming of jewelry.

Metal wire jewelry, using bronze, copper and other materials, have been around as early as the 2nd Dynasty of Egypt, and the Bronze and Iron at Jess in Europe. The addition of semi-precious stones , beads and gem stones with the wire elevate these to wearable works of art. These are also known as wire-wrap jewelry.

By the 20th century, the medium of wire sculpture was modernised and gained much popularity as an art form by artists like Alexander Calder and Ruth well as quite a few exceptional jewelry artists.
The bracelet in the picture above, was made with the popular method known as Egyptian coil. I used copper wire of 20 gauge for this particular piece. It is a very versatile design that allows one to make a variety of designs by incorporating beads, crystals and other embellishments.
While coiling is a very fun and beautiful technique, wire weaving is yet another way to add more dimension on to your work..Freeform wire sculpting has a charm of it's own..Try it out and enjoy....



  1. I love wire work but sadly I'm not very good at it. Seems no matter how thick the gauge I use, it snaps. I also can't get nice tight wrapping either.

    1. There are some good tutorials online... I learnt wire work that way..


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