Bling And Terracota

I had a new follower on my FBpage, contact me for a design similar to one of the first pendants I had made with Cold Porcelain.

It did look like it was made rather from Terracota. I had coloured it that way. And the beads I had used were green and copper. As always, duplicating anything is really not my cup of tea. And I did not want to disappoint her either.

The problem when using no molds, is just that! There is no way to reproduce anything just so. Also, I rarely have more than two strings of the same stones or beads.

Another fact is that my techniques have definitely varied over the years, I like to think that there is more finesse to my work now. Though when it comes to putting together colours and such, I tend to have my own mix.

Till today, I have never put together colours with anything other than my own inner meter. I see beautiful articles about seasons, colours, color palettes etc. But have not found much use for those while creating. So this is what I came up with, this time around.

To answer an FAQ,

I find that when picking out the colours for my creations, I can pretty much pick beads first and then get to making the cold porcelain elements, or the other way around. This instance , I made the pendant and then chose the beads.

And then for the earrings, I did not use and Cold porcelain.This earring looked festive enough and also gave a bit of a contrast, I felt.

To echo the Terracota brown, I used brown coated wire as the core instead of a flashier copper or gold jewelry wire.the Earrings are handmade wire work closed hoops on earhooks.


This is a glimpse of how they look together. The red crystals really pop. My client was happy too.



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