Whoa ! 40 !!


Celebrated my 40th birthday, on 24th . Best birthday so far..! Celebrating in picturesque Munnar, with family, albeit with a few key members missing, it was a great day.

Beautiful sights, great food, a surprise cake cutting and beautiful cards, and gifts that included a fab bag, a lovely saree, and things I needed for my creative pursuits...I could not ask for more!!

I think I was wished by everyone I knew, and quite a few that I have not even met in person. It just completed my day . I did get a message from a person wishing me, and marvelling at how at ease I was, revealing my age !

That part is easy, when you are in your early twenties, and get casually informed by your doctor, that the severe migraines , might be the result of a tumour! The few weeks it took, to get the tests done, and getting a negative, result was no fun. While my life did not flash in front of my eyes, it did pull me up to face things head on.

Putting everyone's wishes but mine first, was how I did things. So I stopped that. Never taking things, or people for granted was another lesson I took from this.

It is not at all easy , when you want to just fall back on the conditioning of two decades! First thing I did, was throw away the stupid medicines that did not stop my migraines, but kept me dull and sleepy. Having graduated from the science stream, doing my Masters in International Business, having to start from the fundamentals of another discipline, was no walk in the park. I did quit one time, long enough to go back home,had a re-think and decided to finish the course.

Appearing for about 12 papers, every trimester, while suffering frequent migraines that lasted a minimum of three days, ah ! Fun times !! But my batch mates were just the best. I got through a couple of arrears, and finally finished the course. I lost out on a first class by a mere 5 marks, but I consider it a big achievement .

I found a great doc back home, and got rid of my migraines. In the past 15 years, I have had only a handful of headaches! And, I married the man I chose! In my previous avatar, even if his proposal would have come home, I would have sat mute while others, being oblivious, would have arranged my marriage elsewhere! I used to be weird that way !

Ya, not that life has not thrown more thorns along the way! I was misdiagnosed as having PCOD, and the unnecessary Meds did a number on me. In fact, I lived with the side effects till last year, when I finally found a doctor who could help.

So each day that is pain free, without swollen joints, or not gaining weight while taking the next breath, I am thankful. I try to live in the moment, while I keep my dreams alive.

Every beautiful moment connecting with my family and friends, is cherished. For me, my age is proof that I managed to beat a few odds. So from that perfect cup of coffee in the morning, to managing undisturbed sleep - and every positive moment in between, is cheered for !

The toughest decision I made was to follow a creative path, after I took a break. Actually, the decision was easy. It was the guilt of straying from the beaten path, that was tough, especially considering the pain I went through, earning my Masters.

But looking back, nothing else would have given me the contentment or the will to strive and thrive. With full support from my husband, my daughter and a huge section of my beloved family and friends, I try to get better in my creativity, each day.

And the only way I can manage my being positive and creative is warding off negativity. I try as much, to keep away from toxic personalities and people who exude negativity.

The most thrilling of all, are seeing people who achieve goals on their own, following their passions. And also the various talents around the Globe who show that those superb standards are attainable, if only we strive for it.

What more can one ask for?



  1. Wishing you a very happy Birthday!! I remember a conversation we had reg your migraine headaches and how you managed the business course with it a really long time ago and being amazed by your positivity

    1. Thanks Divya. We have just this one life , it is either sink or swim ! But ya I do thankfully, have an optimistic take on things.

    2. Pulled the strings of my heart, this post. This is why I love you so much.

  2. A very happy birthday to you Swapna! The cake looks tasty!


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