Sis visiting !

I have a couple of orders for Cold Porcelain key chains and have been feeling a bit jinxed ...! The batch of prepared Cold Porcelain completely dried out...and nothing I tried to soften it, seems to work.... it is just a lump as hard as rock..

Anyone know how to reverse this mess?

I made a fresh batch..and it looked okay till I took it out the next day, after kneading as usual, and covering it up to rest... It had become rubbery, and overcooked and was not at all workable...

So I had to make the stuff all over again... and I have my sis coming to visit us, for a week before she goes back to her hubby in USA... since the order is also from a family member, and she did mention that she was not in any hurry, I  have decided to make the most of my time with my sis... No idea when we will see each other again... 


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