Trying for a 'Signature' style..

I have always wondered about a  person's signature do they arrive at that point , where their work has an identity all of it's own...

I can recognize a Nora Roberts book, just by reading a page... some others like Agatha Christie or Enid Blyton... they have a narrative style...

In clay, Donna Kato , Sheryl Westleigh and Christie Friesen ,are artists, whose work I have become familiar with. It does not matter that hundreds of others try and imitate them..the originals are easy to identify ..!!

I have also seen how an artist and their style evolve over the years...

So, at this point in my creative journey, I could say that these pieces depict a style that seem to have evolved from my efforts...

I like to use stone work ..and a few scrolls and embellishments. I am not too interested in doing actual flowers, but I love stylized versions. And I love to incorporate the Jewelry with different colours and incorporate complimentary shades into my Cold Porcelain pieces too..

This pendant , I studded with stones and a mirror... I gave it a variety of colors, ranging from amber to tones of coral and brown.

The finished necklace with amber crystals and two shades of brown.

Another one, with a stylized rose in dual toned pink, on a blue background. Again, studded with white and black stones.

My client wanted a simple necklace, with the pendant as highlight.

So, I made the necklace with rainbow tinted seed beads that had nearly all the color on the pendant, and also black crystals to give a lift to the piece. 

Would really appreciate your comments on my work. 


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