Beaded Sphere Earrings - Tutorial Link

Anyone who loves crafts, will be familiar with the thousands of tutorials in Books, on You tube, Blogs, Websites and now Pinterest... we truly are a very lucky lot...!! :D

I am a beginner at beading, and did not find a lot of the tutorials all that easy to follow..the first easy to decipher tute I tried was the Russian spiral stitch... and I made a necklace with it..

I was trying to find a tutorial for some small beaded pieces, maybe a bracelet or so, and some earrings ...

I am not all that great at beading..and decided that the tiny pieces would serve me as practice, and I would have some pieces that I could use for myself, at least !!

So as usual, started browsing for some tutorials for beaded earrings..ended up on You tube...

And I found this link for Beaded Ball Earrings Tutorial. Posted by Beadifulnights...who has posted a lot more tutorials .

It looked doable... so I sat and went through the video once, got the beads and other stuff together and made the earrings.

The instructions were easy to follow . I used black and green crystals and white metal findings .

Here is another look at the earrings..


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