Black Crystal Necklace - Custom design

After 3 and half long years , our parents and all three of us , siblings were getting together at our home in Kerala... so it was an occasion to celebrate...there were two weddings to attend, and Christmas and new Year too...!!

I decided to make my sis and sis in law, a necklace each , with matching earrings for one of their outfits. My sis -in law was in Doha at the time, so she sent over a picture of the Salwar kameez that she would wear to one of the weddings. It was stunning..!!

My sis on the other hand, was already in Kerala... but she was too busy to take a pic and sent it over.... so she described the Salwar kameez via phone..and we decided to wing it..

She told me, the colors were mainly black and a dull gold, with the top, predominantly the gold... and the bottom and dupatta were black.  She also told me that the skirt had a border of gold motifs, with flecks of green and red on them,.

So I decided to use the contrast, and used huge black crystals for the necklace, and then to use just three accent beads, made of Cold Porcelain.

Tip: I have noticed that each batch of my home made Cold Porcelain has a slightly different shrinkage rate, so I keep that in mind when I have to match or make the beads slightly larger, or smaller than the crystals or beads that I have ready made..

Once the beads were cured, I decorated them with some filigree style work. Since I had no photographe, I could not duplicate any of the work on the dress . SO I just did some freehand work and applied the design.

I used grey tinted clay, to make the beads. Once the raised design was also dry, I used  gold colour dust to cover the beads. then applied stones and also decorated the bead with dots of red and green with acrylic paint.

Finally applied a coat of varnish.

I made simple  drop earrings with the crystals and some antique style beads.

It was quite nice to find out that  I managed to get a near perfect match with the dull gold color...!! And here is a pic of my sis wearing the set, with her dress, though this was not taken on the day of the occasion she wore it to...We were all a bit busy and preoccupied on that day, to get good pictures...!!


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