Warli art on Cold Porcelain Earrings

Every since I came across the first piece, of Warli painting, I have been hooked to it.

It looks very simple - like prehistoric paintings. But that is the beauty of Warli. With a few basic shapes like circles, triangles and squares and a few squiggles to join them, they depict the livelihood and ceremonies of people.

Going through Warli paintings, is truly hypnotic..... and  drawing them , even more so... I have done a few pieces of Warli earlier... couple of paintings, mainly on paper,  with acrylics.

I also decorated a silk stole for my sister with Warli art, a couple of years back.

This is the Squidoo Lens I made on Warli art, with a very simple tutorial, just to get a novice, started.

And of course, these days I immediately do think of incorporating any style into my Jewelry . So I  cut triangle shapes out of cold porcelain, let them cure, added some a couple of shaded of yellow in layers, with a touch of brown on them. Then sanded them off , and it left an interesting distressed look.

The I hand-painted the basic Warli figures. Added decorative touches and edges in bronze paint.

I also made the ear wires , in a slightly primitive style to add to the whole feel.


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