A Gift of Earrings

I made a few earrings for my sis-n law last month. I bought a pair of silver hoops and made a few dangles she could wear with them..

Hoops are my all time favorites and I have more than 20 pairs in various colous, sizes and materials... some embellished , and the others not. But I also love the tiny hoops on which I add different beads , or dangles , according to my outfits.

They do not look too dressy, and yet , they can be embellished simply or grandly, according to the dress or the occasion.

I forgot to take the pictures of the rest of the earrings that I sent her. One was green and the other red, if I remember correctly. Earrings are mostly a fail-proof gift for any woman..

The earrings below were a custom order and have lovely barrel shaped silver beads with a disc shaped connector in between. Wearable on a daily basis..


  1. "Almost a fail proof" Yes this is true. And imagine my utter shock to find out my stepdaughter doesn't have pierced ears! She has no desire to get them either. I'm soooo disappointed! lol She only wears one necklace, 24/7/365, that her father's ex girlfriend bought her years ago. :*( I've changed out as many of my hooks to plastic ones as possible because of my metal allergy, and at that, my ears will still itch with the plastic hooks.

    1. Oh.. I am sorry about the allergy.. I used to be allergic to anything but Gold.. and I loved earrings.. so I kept wearing the other earrings and would take them out as soon as I could .. sometimes there would be a reaction, and other times, I;d get away with it..
      Now somehow the sensitivity is gone..so I can wear pretty much anything..
      One of those bizarre things that seem to work - try coating the ear hook of one of ur metallic earrings with clear nail polish. I have heard people say that it keeps the metal from touching your earlobes.. Try on one pair that u don't mind messing up... :)


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