A New Turn - Art Instructor !!

Opportunities do come knocking.. !! I was contacted by a person who had just started a beautiful new Art Studio. And she had heard through a friend of a friend, about me.

I had previously conducted art classes for kids and a few private classes of mural work, glass painting and fabric painting for adults. But it was not something that I wanted to do continuously, unless I had a dedicated place for it...

I went for a meeting , and we both agreed that we could work together.. I also loved the fact that it was a place dedicated to the various arts. Even if personally, I did not take to any of the performing arts like dance or music or even instruments, I have been trained a couple of years in classical dance basics, quite a few years of Carnatic music and even played the violin for more than 5 years. So being surrounded by that atmosphere made me feel right at home.

Best part is, the classes are just for a couple of hours during the weekends and I can take my daughter along too... So exposing her to the arts and some more playmates, is another plus...

My class has kids as young as 4 year old and surprisingly, they all really seem to have an interest in learning.

I just hope I can make the lessons interesting enough for them... !! My own child, does not seem to listen to any of my tips, and the pic shown above and variations, are her favorite subject. !!

 I will post more details about the classes once I have a website, or a Facebook page, to link to..


  1. That's so great! Congratulations!!!! I bet you have a great time and so will the kids!

  2. Oh goody goody! You are really going places, congrats!


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