Artisan Whimsy


Artisan Whimsy is an online forum for artisans who make jewelry and the components. It was started by Melinda Orr and has an amazing group of members, the world over.

It has started a brilliant e-zine, which is published monthly, and contains the most amazing handmade creations, that can be ever imagined. And each issue is a keeper just for the lovely pictures, but the articles are as well crafted and brilliant as the jewelry they feature... Anyone interested in jewelry making, Artisan Whimsy would be a good place to find inspiration, advice, tips and some good encouragement...

 Personally I have found that if I need to get inspired  just spending a few minutes , going over the awesome jewelry posted by the members , is enough..!

So if you are not a member already, what are you waiting for ...? Click HERE n get started ..


  1. Well I am trying to sign up but it's telling me my zip code isn't valid. I have also had to re-do my password and their stupid CAPTCHA is so hard to read I had to re-do that a bunch of times because I couldn't read them. Now the zip code is wrong. Forget it. Not amused by their sign up procedure. Sorry. :(

    1. Sorry to hear that , I have informed the admins of Artisan Whimsy about the difficulties..and they informed me that there is a re-vamp going soon as the site is ready, I will be posting the new link. I am sure you would love the wonderful group of people who are members there..


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