Bead and Wire Bracelet with Cold Porcelain Focal - Tutorial

This is the D-I-Y that had been published in my featured article

Difficulty level : Medium. Some knowledge of wire work is good. 

 Tools needed 

Ruler : To measure the wire lengths. 
Wire cutter
Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliers.

Materials needed 

  • Focal Bead - I made a bracelet for my daughter. so used the Cold Porcelain bead that I had made. It  is a hand molded CP bead , painted a pale yellow. Studded with stones, with a filigree embossing. And the accented with red and black. 
  • Beads - to complement or contrast with the focal bead. I used Red stone beads, and larger black faceted beads.
  • Copper wire - 22 gauge for making the bracelet links, and 18 gauge for the 'S' Hook .


Cut about 7 Cm of the 22 gauge wire . At one end, turn the wire around the round pliers, with a 2 cm tail approximately,  to form a 'U' shape.

Twist the wire , with the round - nose pliers to form a loop. Gripping the tail end with  flat nose pliers will help make the loop for perfectly.

The excess tail after the loop and the wire to stick the bead on, would be perpendicular to each other. Flush-cut the protruding tail end with the cutters and press closed, with the flat nosed pliers.

Add the bead to the wire. Now make a similar loop on the other end and secure the bead. 

The next step can be done in two ways . 

a) Make links on both sides of all the beads, like the focal beads, and link them with Jump rings. 

b)Make links, on one side add the beads and link them to each other. I did this option, because the bracelet is for a child and too many links would make the bracelet big, with not enough beads. 

The Beads linked to each other . 

Repeat the process. Please not that at some point there will be one bead that will have to be linked on bot sides to closed links.. 

The final link on one side of the bracelet should be  wide enough for an S hook. Otherwise, simply use a jump ring.

Make an 'S' hook with the 18 gauge copper wire and  attach to one side of the bracelet.


  1. Your cold porcelain focal is so pretty. Love the crystals. My hands aren't steady enough to do that kind of work!


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