Featured in Deccan Chronicle , Chennai Edition - November 6th.

The call came late, on Sunday, November 3rd. I was expecting my sis-in-law's call... So I was taken aback when a male voice asked me if were Swapna Dinesh, he worked with Deccan Chronicle, and would I be interested in an interview..Thankfully, I had been informed by a fellow blogger and friend, whom I had known for more than 4 years, that I might be called about an interview... Given that it was a Sunday, and never much good at networking, I would never have believed it to be a genuine call otherwise... 

I was sent a series of questions to answer, with a DIY of my jewelry. So, on Monday  I set about doing that , with a very cranky child recovering from a bad cold , and posting pictures via gmail, which goes weird at the best of times, and this was also with out net speed waaaay down... ! 

Finally I sent it off ...and there it was , two days later, captioned - 'When Creative Caps Come On' ....

I will post a more elaborate version of the DIY soon. Due to space constraints, they have slightly shortened it. Meanwhile, to read the article, in case you are interested, HERE is the link. 


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