Necklace And Bracelet For a Tiny Tot

 This is another commissioned piece, for a tiny person, I haven't met.
 I have just gone along with the brief and made the set. Hopefully, they will fit well..

The main point was that the necklace should be 'pink' and i have seen a tendency for a few pink lovers to transfer a bit of that affection to purple also..

So I thought it would be safe for me to add some purple to the mix.

I made a cold porcelain focal piece in pale purple, added a pink center to compliment the bead colors .

And gave accents in shimmering purple  around the flower.

For the bracelet, I made links, on long eye pins. Linked them and attached a chain link to one end with a clasp. This is so the bracelet can be adjusted quite a bit. Hope my little client likes it. 


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