A Gift for Christmas

My daughter has been slowly getting out of her only pink craze and wearing other colors.. So I decided to gift her a necklace and earring set that was nearly all of other colors...

It has a majenta yoke and a multi colored skirt. So I tinted the Cold Porcelain Majenta and Orange separately. Formed 5 petals with the Majenta .and the center was shaped into a spiral .

I fixed an eye pin from behind.

I did not add any more majenta . As that was the bigger portion on the frock, I chose to add the rest of the colors like orange, light blue, and pale yellow.

I also made tiny hanging earrings. I somehow dislike seeing huge earrings on tiny tots.

So I kept the set ready on her pillow - it was the first thing she saw that morning.. .

 All ready to go.. The majenta was the perfect shade and really blended with the top...

I wanted it a little shorter..but my little one prefers this length... after all, a gift should be the way the recipient wants it...!


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