Resin Workshop

I had been looking forward to an intro to Resin for a while. Finally, when I saw an ad by Divya, I jumped at the chance..

It was a two - day workshop and a one hour travel by car to her place..
all worth it.. as the class was excellent and very well organised, the company outstanding...and the results pleasing.

So here are the things I made during the workshop, with ample guidance, of course... !

The first one had a Cloth backing , cut in the shape of the
bezel, and pasted on with a two sided tape. Then two words were cut out and added to the background.

A light touch of metallic paint was given to fill out the gaps, if any

And then the resin was poured on and set .

The second was a lovely ornate pendant which was backed with a pretty paper and beading was added around it.

Then the rest of the necklace was made with cylindrical paper beads and acrylic beads

The third one was a cute memory pin studded with silver color beads.... and then decorated with a florescent bow.


  1. how fun! and well done ... loving the one with words

    1. It really was fun.. learning a long awaited, new technique and meeting some really talented people :) Thanks...

  2. I would love to try working w/ resin but I just haven't had a chance to really look into it. How long does it take to set?

    1. It takes 24 hours to set. But to be very cautious, we were asked to leave it to cure for about 72 hours.

  3. Your jewellery has turned out beautifully ! And as a co-student during the workshop , this reminds me of the lovely and inspiring time we had !


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