Miniature Tortoise in Cold Porcelain

Seems like ages since I made a miniature cute animal that did not hang from a necklace or a Key chain. I like to see tiny cute things about , that my husband, not so affectionately calls dust catchers :P !!

We do keep a lot of things in a minimal style as it is true.. wipe a surface and come back to the place in half an hour, you wouldn't know it had been dusted  in ages....!!! With constructions happening all around and with the dry climate, keeping the home spotless, just doesn't happen.. I have known people with OCD admit their defeat !!

But still, I do like to look at pretty stuff and somehow things that are handmade make the best impact for me, inspiration-wise.

I decided to make this little tortoise for myself. Just so she could hang around while I worked in my little corner ..
I decided to give the paint later, so I made the tiny Tort, entirely in un-tinted Cold Porcelain.

 Because of the dust and a mischief maker at home, I have to keep everything that I make away and covered up, as soon as it is done to let them dry .. Otherwise they could end up with a layer of dust and quite a few tiny finger prints, embedded on ..!!

I could not correct the slight droop to the neck and it dried in that position.. Anyway, I decided to go ahead and give some color.
Handmade Cold Porcelain Miniature
I gave the shell a nice green .. I am partial to the camouflage shade of green than the more vibrant shades. Skin tones for the head, tail and legs.

And instead of the usual  patterns , I decided to give a more ornate look with metallic shades of yellow, and red, after drawing a pattern with brown, to lift the light shade of yellow.

Dabs of brown for nails and on the tail.

I decided to give  'her' a twisted wire necklace and a flower over one eye..I was happy with the end result.. so much so, that I made a collage for my FB page , Swardaa..

The message - visit Swardaa, to be adorned and adored ... 


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