Country Chic With Cold Porcelain

Handcrafted Cold Porcelain Pendant
 I had just started packing up my big order of sets for different individuals, gifted by the same person, and I got another bigger order, this time multiple sets for three people....

I know one of them very well, so I could easily sketch out different designs for her...but I needed more pointers for the other two.. favorite colors, and dislikes and part was , that they did not want me to limit my imagination in any way, and were willing to take a chance with my love for introducing cold Porcelain elements in my designs...
Cold Porcelain handmade jewelry
I don not necessarily add it everywhere, but I do love to make something unique that is not available easily..

This pendant was inspired by the series of Beatrix Potter books that we gifted our daughter for her birthday.. I love the country style paintings..and this way, I got to indulge in three loves - painting, sculpting and also making jewelry...

The antique finish on the hollow pendant base is something I love.. Tinted CP and filled the base , smoothed it out.

Next, I chose the beads for the necklace... Then colored CP for the focal flower the same as the beads. Then tinted green CP for leaves...

Once that was done, painted the background , then added the tiny details, the miniature focal flower and studded it with stone..added the leaves....

It did look a little too dark, so added a tiny flower and gave it an orange and yellow color to make it pop..painted the leaves and other details so it would look aesthetic and not too busy..

Finally sealed it with Renaissance wax , once it was cured.


  1. Marvelous . I love your pendant . It is so lifelike , I can almost smell the flowers !!

  2. I love the 'painterly' finish on your pendant. where do you find renaissance wax in India?

    1. Divya, I had someone get it from USA... it is available on, but the shipping cost is more expensive than the wax... tried to find it in India, but no luck yet..

  3. That pendant is so beautiful and unique!!!!


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