Glorious Green...

My daughter keeps asking me what my favorite color in the whole world is... and I do not have an answer.. ! I love all the colors.. even the most dull shades of a color...

But if you ask me what green is my favorite, I would have to say, the camouflage, military green... while I like the green in nature, when it comes to green on other items , like clothes, curtains or other stuff, I would not pick anything green... unless it was this particular shade !!

Too many people in my family think I have weird taste in colors - but none of them are artistically inclined, as I am ... ! And I do tend to gravitate towards shades that are not the norm..burnt orange is another favorite ...!

Anyway, when I saw these beads in my favorite green, I had to pick them up... And the oddly faceted bigger beads were from an assortment that my sister had sent over... the assortment was of amber and green beads ..and there were only 4 of these particular beads... I loved them a lot and were saving them for something special..

I think this necklace was the perfect fit !! ..I gave a double strand in two shapes, balanced the bigger beads with smaller silver spacers , and small beads with heavier spacers. I am happy with the set... can't think of improving them because, usually , once I have done a set, I can re-design them in my mind, a few different ways..

And it is going to someone very special am absolutely thrilled... I am posting a close-up of the necklace ..just love it :)


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