Spikes and Wire-work ...

These designs were also part of the aforementioned 

So I had some lovely rose-red beads in a beautifully faceted shape . So teamed them up with some spikes in German silver, added ethnic style spacers in the same metal and made matching earrings.

Since the beads were light weight, the silver gave a nice balance. I prefer ornaments a bit on the heavier side, than be too lightweight and having to tug them back when the flip over ..

On the other hand, I like to have earrings in a good size, but not too heavy enough to hurt.

The next set , was made of beautiful acrylic beads, with an engraved design..

Though I love most types of beads, acrylic beads are never my first choice...but these caught my eye, particularly because the holes were on the diagonal  and I loved the engraved feel... also they had an ancient look to them, which I find very attractive..

So I used copper wire to fashion the connectors and used black crystals to lift the whole design...
I also managed to twist the copper wire at the ends to mimic the engravings on the acrylic beads. While I used antique finish ready-made ear hooks, I made the hook and the eye for the necklace, myself.


  1. Beautiful sets Swapna . Loved the design of the second one as you have teamed up the wire work so well with the beads . Love the delicate filigree like look in this one .


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