Traditional, My Way..

As I mentioned earlier, I was given an order for 3 sets each for sisters. One of the pieces, had to be what they could wear with traditional Indian outfits, mostly Salwar kameez or Pattu pavadas with Zari borders . So I thought crystals would be nice, with Golden accents .

Cold Porcelain jewelry elements
 So I chose mauve colored crystals for one necklace and added oval glass beads as pendant. Added simple tube shaped Golden accents and made earrings with the glass beads.

To add my personalized touch, I asses tiny miniature rolled- roses in mauve to the glass pendants, and touched them with a hint of bronze paint.

The second one was again done exactly the same way... but instead of rolled roses I did some simple tube flowers and studded the exact shade of red stones in the center of the tubes. Again mimicked the gold hints with just a touch of paint at the edges of the flowers and leaves.

SO two sets down, one each to go... :)
Cold Porcelain jewelry elements


  1. I love the colour mauve. I'm partial to purples.

  2. Yeah..mostly I love subtle shades too.. mauve is a soothing shade, I feel..


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