Black, White and Silver....

The last pair for the two adorable sisters... One of them loves the black and white combination.. so I thought it would be nice to make the combination for both of them, but make them look really different...

Both of the designs were a play on shapes... since I kept the color combination the same.. black, white and silver inclusions...

The first necklace was made of disc shaped black beads, with interesting facets .. combined with normal white beads . I added spacers that had stylized floral motifs to the mix.

 The second one had some very ornate metallic beads . So I kept the black and white beads quite simple... and yet had interesting shapes. Black tube beads and very tiny white disc beads with the very ordinary floral spacers .

I asked a couple of my friends and family and all of them opined that they could not select which one they preferred , of the two.. ! So I considered it mission accomplished !!!

Which is your favorite?


  1. I think I like the first one best. Black & white is always a good combo because it goes with everything.

  2. I love them both, Swapna! Black is so classic :)


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