Green And Gold Wire-work Cuff..

 Free form wire weaving is something I would never tire of... The combinations and possibilities seem endless, the only thing lacking, is my expertise... !

This is just the second bracelet/cuff I have made in this free form style . I see a lot of imperfections, but I cannot truly say , that I am dissatisfied with teh results...

As a measure of my progress, I would say, it is okay, ad came off nearly as I had envisioned.

I used 18 gauge Copper wire for the frames, and 21 gauge for wrapping the beads.

The beads I used are green and Gold glass beads which have a unique wave like ripple on a squarish shape. I also used brighter gold coated metal beads with a spiral print , and plain beads in a darker green. I did not tighten the weave too much to make the green-gold beads, since they slightly rotate a bit and adds interest to the piece.

Finished the end by adding a hook, and also ending the other side in an eye for the hook.

This is the kind of fun pieces that I really enjoy making... 


  1. I am so bad at wire work! The wire always snaps on me or I can't get it wrapped tight enough and the item falls out of the wire setting. I should really get the book 'All Wired Up' by Mark Lareau. I took some lampwork & marble making classes with him in Tacoma at his shop The Bead Factory but I never got the book.

    1. Maybe a different gauge of wire or a harder one may keep it from snapping.. Oh I have heard about this book... Let me know how it turns out for you :)

  2. nice, try wrapping with a 26g wire, will make ur life easier

  3. Thanks Divya, I did consider 26 gauge, but seemed a bit fragile, since I was going for a chunky look here...


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