Cold Porcelain Bird Necklaces for Sisters..

The  sheer number of times, I sat down to write this post, is ridiculous..and it has been about three days since I started on this... ! It has been one thing after the other, the biggest issue being that our daughter is down with a severe cold.. and it is not the fact that she is unwell, but that she cannot go to school and has to be entertained 24/7 , that is really taxing ... !

As part of a surprise order, I had to make three sets each for two sisters ..young girls of 13, and 7 ..And so I decided to make one birdie necklace for each.  First I chose the combination of beads for the necklace and then tinted the Cold porcelain to make the birds  . It would have been easier to put an eye-pin on to each bird and let it cure, but I somehow thought it would have spoiled the look of the birds.. so I made cages to attach them on, so they could swing on the necklaces ... !

Cold Porcelain Miniatures

I just could not resist playing with them a bit..made a tiny nest and mixed up itty bits of left over CP to make some eggs and just posed the 'family' for a click !
Cold Porcelain MIniatures and Jewelry
Here the birdies are posing with their hand crafted, metal wire perches and matching beads. I was pretty pleased that my color - mixing ability did not let me down. 

And finally, here they are , on the necklaces,.. I think they look pretty cute on their perches. What do YOU think ??

Unbelievably , from beginning to end of this post, I was interrupted 4 times already !! 


  1. Wow . I love those cute little birdies perched on their nest ! And I`m sure the little ones are going to love them :)

  2. Those wee birdies are so CUTE!!!!!!


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