Sandstone Love

I love sandstones... And it is difficult for me to resist a string of those lovely stones, whenever I go out shopping for beads, even if I do have a supply of those at home..

Now these ones I bought were in lovely cube shapes, with the holes going diagonal !! which is such a treat .. ! I love things does not necessarily have to be rare, and yet... ! While cube shaped beads are now all too common, they are usually drilled 'squarely' (pun intended.. !) - through the middle.. The diagonal holes were a treat and I jumped at them...

One of my friends placed an order for his wife's birthday... and as he is prone to do, let me choose the designs and everything.. it absolutely thrills me when someone does that, and I do try my best not to let down that kind of trust..

Since I know the lovely lady , it was a treat to design these special sandstones for her.

 And I had these gold plated German Silver accents with a square motif engraved on them and looked perfect, with the cube shaped stones.

The earrings are small drops to suit the birthday. girl's taste.

Once I sent the pics of the finished necklace and earrings, her husband asked me if I could make a bracelet to make the set complete. But cubes are bulky , and not easy to drape on a wrist. But , in keeping with the 'shape' theme, I found flat , diamond shaped sandstones , which I wire wrapped , with the same accent pieces... and also a cute butterfly charm .

The 'S' shaped hook is hand-made . I added a tiny chain of links, just in case the length needs any adjustment. 


  1. Very pretty! One of my friends gave me a bunch of broken necklaces she thought I could use for parts. One of them was a strand of various natural stones, cube shaped and drilled diagonally. I couldn't bear to break them up for new projects so I restrung it with a few added elements. The beads are a bit too big for me but it came out nice.

    1. I just love natural stones... I really do not like it when people dye the stones to get uniform colour..the irregularities are what make the stones so special... Hope you post a pic of the necklace.. I would love to see it :)

  2. Lovely pieces Swapna . Sandstone is one of my favourite stones too . I loved that cute little charm bracelet too . It`s so unique

  3. Wonderful necklace and earrings. I am actually very fond of these sandstone jewels and prefer them the most. Beautiful pieces really. Thank u for the share. Keep posting with lots more.


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