Watercolour Painting After Years

Since September 2013, I have been working as an Art instructor at an Art studio here in Chennai. While I had been painting on and off, and also experimenting in various techniques with acrylics, colour pencils and other mediums, for use on my cold porcelain works, it had been a while since I had painted for the sheer pleasure of it..

I have not had any kind of professional training, when it comes to drawing or art ..but learnt through a lot of trial and error, reading books and recently, by watching a videos.

For me, the way to instruct my students is to make the process of creating a piece of art as simple and effective as I can make it. And I always leave it t the students themselves , to finish a picture as they see fit.

So demonstrating techniques, lines and other aspects of drawing and colouring, it just made me want to get back to painting again. Watercolour is something that I had not done for a while . but I decided to try out my rusty skills and finish up a picture for a change.

So here it is .. !

Material used : 130 gsm Artist's paper : A4 size

Camel watercolour cakes : palette of 24 shades. 

Brushes : No:6 and No:0

Schneider topliner 967 for the outline.


  1. I love it! There's a new art thing here where for a small fee, you can go to a bar, restaurant or art studio and they will teach you how to paint a picture with guaranteed results. Some of my friends have been doing it regularly and the pictures are so good. There's a class next week nearby and I'm thinking about doing it. It's a winter scene with the northern lights. Wish me luck! I'm crafty but painting and drawing has always escaped me.

    1. Thank you.. :) . It does not matter if the end result is not perfect.. the main thing is, to just let yourself enjoy the bliss of creating.. the process gives as much pleasure, as the end result .. !! I hope you will have loads of fun ..


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