Silver All The Way ...

I have been collecting jewellery since I was about 15 . And now , I make my own !! Of course, this has not, in any way diminished my love for sourcing pieces from different places, or treasuring the ones I get as gifts. I have also bought a few pieces from other designers and have a few more on my wish list . Anyway... that is topic for another post . !!

While I can make matching jewellery for all my outfits, if I chose to do so, - and my younger self used to be excited about finding  colors, designs or patterns matching new clothes . But these days, I find that , Having a few pieces that I can mix and match regularly, and owning a few statement pieces, is more my style.

I recently , made myself this silver, choker length necklace which I could easily team with hoops, jhumkas, danglers or even colored earrings accented with some bit of silver.

Another favourite necklace of mine is a simple one, of gun metal beads. I just love that necklace and wear it on any normal day with a simple pair of hoops or studs, and dress it up with more elaborate earrings according to the occasion.

So what does your jewellery collection look like? Care to share?


  1. I have an extensive jewelry collection too. I wore it all the time when I worked but now it sits sadly collecting dust. I won't part with my pieces though. Being able to make jewelry to match your clothes is a handy pet to have.

    1. I know just how you feel, Jo.. even when I make pieces with the intention of selling, it is tough to let them go.. :)


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