An Update ...

Life has been really hectic and it has been 20 days since the last post.. I have been doing a lot of assorted things, and yet not really have anything much to show for it..

Of course, my Rudraksha pieces seem to be a hit, and I made yet another bracelet and I have another one to do . There is a sort of deliberation going on with another Rudraksha necklace too..!!

To break away from the Rudraksha monologues, I took to making an earring for myself. I usually do not make custom pieces for specific clothes, but this was a coincidence, too fun, to pass up . I found two stones in a bead assortment, my sister gifted , that matched an outfit exactly !! And it was natural stone... 

 And, I have also been working on brushing up my calligraphy and lettering skills...
I have always loved writing, and when writing is going obsolete, I find the urge to better my skills.. it is something I have always wanted to learn, and so I have taken the plunge...
will definitely post the progress here...


  1. Those earrings are a perfect match! I haven't practiced my calligraphy in ages. Probably not since the early 90s. I also have a book and kit on Illumination but I've never tried it either.

    1. Wow.. I have always been fascinated by calligraphy..and I love to see the works of illumination... could you tell me the name of the kit and book?

  2. Your Rudraksha pieces are beautiful and so unique too, and the earrings are a fantastic match for that outfit :)

    1. Thanks, Palak.. your comments are always encouraging..


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