Inspiring Artist : Lisa Lynn Barth

It has been a while since I had posted on the series , Inspiring Artists.. but that is not because I have a dearth of amazing artists.. In fact, the problem is that I have too many of those... !!

Facebook is just brimming with talent and I am sure that I have not even uncovered a fraction of it...

Today I decided to feature Lisa Lynn Barth..she is an amazing artist.. her wire work is simply captivating..and she makes elements of metal clay , as well as leather elements that she dyes and also incorporates along with her spectacular wire work.. actually, the fact is that I really cannot judge which aspect of her talents I should highlight,..

Anyway I think, it is time to judge that for yourselves ..

I am sure that these images have whetted your interest.., so here is her Facebook Link . She has also authored a few books which are available on Amazon .

I am the proud owner of her book, Timeless Wire Weaving...  and I know that she has another in the works... so take a look at all her gorgeous work..


  1. I am a big fan of her designs and gosh her patience

  2. Wow her stuff is gorgeous! I'm going to check out her Facebook now.


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