LOVE Some Art Work and Turquoise Earrings..!

I make a card for my hubby and little girl for Valentines... These days, I just love the watercolour effect and outlines with a fine liner.. they seem to work for me...

And I made a pair of earrings for myself too, for the V'day dinner.. SO i decided to photograph the two together...and here they are !!

It was a matter of just a half hour to paint the card.. and I used my trusty student's water color palette.. Soft colours and the black outlines... I find that I prefer the squiggly broken outlines than clear, pristine outlines.

Now - the earrings...barrell shaped turquoise beads . I decided to give then the royal looks with antique golden colored  findings. Since it was for Valentine's day, a touch of red with lovely rubies from Malaysia and leaf-shaped danglers.

So this was our Valentine's day special...


  1. I made the hubby a card's on my blog today. We didn't do anything much, just went to breakfast.


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