Calligraphy Art

I took a three day course in calligraphy last year, and have been working on different fonts and styles on and off. But I guess I am not truLy happy with my works, even when my letters look okay, I am not sure I have the precision and slant perfected.

But rather than just doing practice strokes and forming letters, I decided to have some fun with it too.

The picture above was done trying out a Parker calligraphy pen. The next picture I tried to draw was a horse, and I was not at all pleased with the proportions of it. So I ditched it.

Just the day before yesterday, I tried out a dragon with a Speedball Elegance writer with a 3.0 mm. I think it came out okay, but I would not mind hearing what you think about it too.

So how do you like my dragon? Please let me know.



  1. They are both beautiful, esp. the dragon! I tried calligraphy for a few years but I just couldn't get the hang of it.

    1. I find drawing easier than letters !! the letters need precision and more practise !

  2. Que belleza!! eso es arte!
    That beauty!! that is art!


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