Inspiring Artist - Ar-Mari Rubenian

It has been a year since I last posted about an inspiring artist! Not that there is a dearth of them at all ! In fact , it is tough to choose which artist to feature, since there seems to be no limit to talents.
The artist I am currently introducing, is an Armenian national, Ar-Mari Rubenian.She is so talented and she uses a vast variety of mediums, too. Her art is gorgeously vibrant, and she largely uses motifs that are traditional to her culture.
I have been following her work for more than a year now and her work is really inspiring. Her art work to me, is reminiscent of the exquisite Indian miniature paintings, with minute details.
She also does some amazingly striking jewelry, that is done in vibrant colours and motifs.
She makes jewelry from wood, ceramic discs etc. Her work seems to reflect traditional designs and art . I am sure that the few pictures that I have posted , have inspired you to take a closer look..and the artist herself , is no less a work of art..!! Check out the links below for more of this exceptional artist .
Pinterest page, Facebook Page


  1. you are right, her work does have a distinct Indian feeling to it

  2. Beautiful art! I will check out her pages.


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