Miniature Stylised Cat

Ah well, I tried to think up some clever title for this post , but I guess this is it !!! Haha

Sometimes while I think up elaborate designs to craft with, something simple may actually come out better. And while I try to make something simple, it may end up being too elaborate. And there are yet other times, when things look fine, ,but the end product completely throws you off !

Is there any wonder why I love what I do? Every end result is a surprise to even myself ! Even the ones that end up exactly as planned !!

This little feline is only about a half inch tall, if tall can be applied at all here ! It was just a teeny bit of clay left over from a batch, that last bit I usually neglect and finally when I get back to clay after a few days, it would be really rock hard . I have not had much luck softening clay that has gone rock hard, and in such small quantity.

This time, I was determined to use up every last bit of my clay.All that was left, I divided it into three unequal portions. The biggest ball I shaped into a dome - like end with a flat bottom. The medium sized one, I divided into four tiny balls, with which I shaped the front paws and the front of the face.

With the last bit of clay, I shaped out the tail, two tiny triangles for the ears and the nose. So all I had to do now, was let it dry and then colour it.

Used beige and light brown pastels to highlight the ears, paws and end of the tail.

Then black acrylic paint on the nose, and around one eye. The markings on the body and tail, I used a black micron pen since it was not much of a surface to work with !



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