Poppy Field Necklace

It has been a while since I had done the poppy pendant and matching earrings. It was inspired by the photograph of a poppy field .

And I just loved the hoop earrings. I think I have to make a few more of those !

However, for the life of me, I could not get that perfect fit of beads and findings, to complete the necklace and showcase the pendant well enough. So I just I left it sitting in a box.

The other day, while organizing my stuff, I came across these beautiful red stone beads, and it just reminded me of the poppy pendant. While it was imperative that I showcase the pendant well, I also wanted my necklace to hold it's own.

I had these lovely textured tubes of German silver, in an antique finish. The pendant was of the same finish. So then it was a matter of choosing some more beads to contrast with the red. A lot of red would have just been too much.

I had some green monalisa beads that had different hues of green. So here is the finished set. I would love to know what you think.



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