Teddy Bear Miniature Pendant

This is the smallest teddy bear that I have attempted yet. It is just an inch and 1/4th . The bear was to be attached to a key chain, but finally, it was destined to be a pendant.

It has a purple stole and and a very tiny pill box hat. Decided to just make it a pendant on a very thin silver chain. Gave a bead cap to give a slightly more ornate look, and a dangle of purple crystals to go with the purple accents of the bear. A slightly subtle touch.

And this is the finished look.



  1. What a cute pendant!!! Can a grown up wear it? Because I so want to wear this..
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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you for your interest, Sonam Sharma. Of course a grown up can wear it too. Please contact me on swapna.chandran@gmail.com or my Facebook page Swardaa and message me. Thanks.


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