V - Vivid details via phone...!! Floral necklace and Earrings..

Our last get - together , I wanted to gift my sister-in-law, some handmade jewelry.

When we talked on the phone, she told me that she had a lovely new outfit and it would be great if she had a customized set for her.

She sent me a couple of pics, but the details were not clear and I thought the outfit was blue.. but Manju told me that the outfit was green...

So after a lot of discussions, we decided that it is better the that there be just a tinge of the main color... decided to make it blue-green to be on the safe side...

And made the motifs in the accent colors of Magenta, pink and raised detailing in dull Gold. Studded with Gold tinted stones.

 The chain was made with Glass beads in Ochre, with majenta seed beads in between.

I used the smaller flowers for the necklace and the bigger ones for earrings.

And the whole set.... Finally when we met , all the colors were actually spot on... I had delayed posting this project till I had a picture of my sis-in-law wearing both the outfit and this set..but looks like it is going to take a while !! So I decided to go ahead and post it... 

It was a nice surprise to see how well we coordinated and finalized the details via phone...Hopefully I'd be able to post the proof of that, one day ...!


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