I - Inspiring Artist : Doreen kassel

I am just happy to be a part of an age where there is so much available information at our finger tips...I could do without mobile phones in a pinch,...but I love the kind of connectivity the internet provides...!!

Mostly because I get information and inspiration from so many many extraordinary talents around the world...!

I saw the work of Doreen Kassel via the Facebook..and from the first look at her creations, I have been her fan...

Her 'uncommon creatures ' are surely that ..and sooo adorable...

She lives in Hopewell ,New Jersey. She does wonderful illustrations..and HERE is a link to her illustrations.

And this is just an example of her clay figurines. the vibrant colors, life like expressions and the individuality is very inspiring...If i manage to create some work even half as good as her's I will be a very happy person..

She makes ornaments, jewelry, lovely music boxes ...the list goes on...

This is her Website . Click HERE

Her work has been used in  books, and magazines, greeting cards..etc and as inspiration for toys.
And she has some prestigious clients like HBO, National Geographic, UNICEF, Smithsonian, People magazine, and Newsweek.


  1. Hi Swapna,
    thanks for the visit and the follow. Im following you right back.

    Gill x


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