Y - Yay..On Getting This Far... !!


I am not getting ahead of myself... we will be on the way to Kerala while this post gets published .. I had to get the last post done in advances and scheduled for posting so as to complete the challenge.  

So It is not out of place, to be thrilled  about the fact... 

I had decided not to pressure myself, but try to do the posting as normal as possible, while keeping to the rules of the challenge.

Other than a couple of days, when I was stumped a bit on how to do the titles, I have to say that it was reasonably okay to adhere to posting everyday...

And now I am off for a nice, and hopefully very happy holiday. The last months had been very emotionally taxing on a personal front, and de-stressing is something I am looking forward to..

After doing this challenge, I have to say that I am more productive when I push myself to post and keep a schedule... So that is one thing I learned about myself... 

This is a work in progress... I made a Cold Porcelain Rose for a pendant and two tiny flowers for studs. 


  1. How did you form those impossibly tiny flowers? Have a great trip!

  2. This was done with a cutter..but I have done some roses about half this size..


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